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Jennifer Herndon

Creator of the 
3D Success System
for busy work from home parents

You've Just Discovered the LAST Business-Building Course You'll Even Need.

How Can I So Confidently Say That?

Because I've been where you are.

Facing another year that was going to be "the year" that I proved all my friends and family wrong, and actually made big money from my small business.  And watching that year slip away, again.

I've spent over $50,000 on my business education. I've taken all the courses, and I know why they don't work for you -- a parent, a family person, an employee . . . someone who doesn't have 16 hours a day to grow your business while you live in your parent's basement.

I know you want a better life, and not just a bigger business.

And that's why I've designed this workshop to help you create both. I've built a business around my life, not one that consumes my life. And you can too.

I'm a single mom with five kids. No, I don't have a nanny. And I don't employ the TV as my babysitter while I work all day. If I wanted to stay home with my kids, I had to figure this out.

I was looking for the same thing I know you want -- FREEDOM.

The freedom to do what you want, when you want, where you want, and with who you want.

Will it take work to get there? You bet. 
And in this workshop, we'll DO the work. This isn't just about teaching you and moving on. It's about you doing it with my guiding hand.

Can you do it, given the craziness that already exists in your life? Yes you can.
If anyone can show you how to manage a crazy life and grow a business, it's me!

Will the effort be worth the reward? You know it.
So let's get started.

This live online workshop is for you if you . . . 

Have spent more money than you've earned on your business education and yet nothing seems to work.

Are desperately seeking a guiding hand of experience to get your business bringing you consistent income.

Have a burning desire to finally have a success story to share in time for the 2016 New Year's Eve celebrations.

Are a busy parent who feels like no one else gets how hard it is to parent and be an entrepreneur.

Want to create a business that fits around your family life, rather than consumes and overwhelms it.

Ready to get started on your bigger business and better life . . . 

Here's a Snapshot of the Awesomeness That Awaits You Inside the
3-D Success System LIVE Six Week Online Workshop


Knowing what you want is often the difference between a consistently profitable business, and a constant struggle. 

And if you're thinking, "I want money," or even"I want to help people," this first step is especially important for you.

I guarantee what you want from your business, and your life, goes way deeper than just that.

Some of what you'll discover in Define:

The #1 profit-multiplier most people simply ignore when starting their business

Why a 5-year vision is a waste of time, and what to focus on instead.

The two questions you must answer before even thinking about setting goals.

The one exercise that will virtually guarantee that you meet your business' financial goals.


Now that you're ultra-clear and laser-focused on what it is you want, let's design your plan to get it!

A glimpse of what you'll learn and implement in Design:

2 simple, yet crucial, routines for making every day productive. 

How to set up a profit-sucking funnel in less than an hour. (Even if you're "technically challenged" like me!)

A simple 3-step formula to creating the only product your business will ever need.

 How to make money in those 15 minute spaces between your kids' games and in the pickup lines.

How to choose the right places to be on social media that will make you money instead of just cost you time


Great, you've got a real life online business that is just waiting for a flood of customers anxious to push the "buy now" button.

But how do you dominate your market by actually getting these people to work with you?

Here's a fraction of what we'll cover in Dominate:

3 super-effective ways to find clients without giving Facebook all your monies.

How to find rockstar team members who can help quadrulple your business, and to hire them before you can afford to. 

The reason most businesses make no real money, and your one-step solution that results in quick profits.

The Facebook ads guide for parents with no time to learn Facebook ads! 

Here's  How I'll Get You to Your Goal
Over the Next 6 Weeks . . .

We'll meet once a week for hour-long action sessions beginning Thurs., September 29.

Weekly office hours to help you further with questions specific to your business.

Daily email support so those inevitable challenges won't turn into roadblocks.

Follow-up support AFTER the workshop to ensure that you will hit those goals in 2016.

Truth is, if getting your money back is top of your mind right now, this workship probably isn't for you. It's intended for those committed to learning, implementing, and making money. 
If that's you, and you're genuinely not sure if the workshop is for you, let's talk through it in a problem solving session. You can apply here: Let's Talk!

Jennifer Herndon

100% Money Back Guarantee

There's no fine print here. I don't want your money if you're not happy. If you ask for a refund, I'll want to know why, so I can improve. 
But, no explanation is required. I offer full, unconditional refunds at any time. Because of that, I also reserve the right to refuse to take your money in the first place if I don't feel like you're a good fit for the workshop.

Got a Question?

Send it directly to me. No oversees support desk, not even my super-knowledgeable assistant!  JenniferHerndon@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions


How much will this hands-on, results-driven
workshop cost me? 

Okay skimmers who came straight to the bottom looking for the price. (I get it!) Your investment is $1850, unless you get in by September 19, then it's only $1450. But what you really should be asking is what it's going to cost you if you don't get your business into consistent profit mode. SOON.


Is there a payment plan?

Not officially. But if you really want in, you can offer me a payment plan and I'm sure we can work it out. Just send me an email (jenniferherndon at gmail.com) or text me at 314-280-4734. I understand the money crunch, and do not want you to miss out because of this too-familiar excuse. 


What kind of unbelievable bonus package do I get when I join the workshop?

None. I know, you've been conditioned to receive an "alleged" $10,000 in bonuses when you buy a $2,000 product. But, honestly, how many course "bonuses" have you put to use? I'm giving you all you need in the six week live workshop. I'd be doing you a disservice if I gave you something that took your focus off the workshop.


How do I know if this workshop is right for me?

Simple, do you meet these four criteria:
1. Your business isn’t bringing in 6 figures a year, yet.
2. You haven't met your income goal for 2016.
3. You've given up on the easy button and are willing to work for this, NOW.
4. You're open to the possibility that you may be holding your business back more than anything else is.


I've spent thousands  on my online business education with few results. Why should I expect something different from your workshop? 

Two reasons, mainly.

First, this is a living workshop,
which means that instead of a cookie-cutter solution we'll take a look at the unique needs of your business and tailor the course to what you need.

Second, we're going to make sure your brain is trained to avoid the 3 biggest business growth killers: inaction, lack of focus, and wrong action.


When does the workshop start and what if I can''t make it at that time?

We'll start Thursday, September 22, at 1:00 Central Time. We'll always meet on Thursday, but the time may vary depending on what works best for most people.

Weekly office hours will be determined by what the group wants.

Everything will be recorded and available for you forever!









The first step to creating your freedom is making the commitment to get there.
Are YOU committed? Click the button below and let's get going.

Unfortunately, most people don't take action on the business building advice they receive. As a result, they don't make much, if any, money in their business. My big aim is to change that in this workshop and have a 97% success rate, rather than the 97% failure rate that's typical in our industry. But, I can't do the work for you. Nothing I've said here is meant to imply that you'll make a certain amount of money, or any money at all. It is my considerable experience, however, that those who take the right action, get the right results.

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